Take Ogre

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Take Ogre is a poetry generator which remixes Nick Montfort's Taroko Gorge--a nature poem generator built in javascript. McNamara modified the code and substituted the language of Montfort's work to create this poetry generator, which describes a game-world with kings, queens, ogres and players as part of the poem. In addition to changing the words of the original poem, McNamara also has changed the background to a home-environment.

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Ireland's oldest living digital poet John Pat McNamara recognised the inherent value in exploring the applied digital autopoetics of others, after years of self-imposed isolation and intellectual exile on Achill he came to understand and believe in the value of community, the worth of exchange and the need for digitally aware, experimental thinkers, poets, and doers to explore, interpret and remix each others work. Nick Montfort created the original Taroko Gorge, a meditation on a natural phenomena, elegantly conceived and executed, Nick's many friends, admirers and colleagues have re-interpreted this work. John Pat is another who has recognised the poems generous offer of a point of conceptual convergence for those interested in the possibilities of digital poetics and digital practise. John Pat's fascination with Digitalvitalism drew him to this work and informed his remaking of it. John Pat is concerned with the relationship between man, machines and their potential for co-creativity within personal spiritual contexts. The Ogre is ID, A shadow, the inner critic, that which denies us access to our true nature. Remixed February 16th 2013 on Achill Sound, Ireland.

(Source: Source code for John Pat McNamara's remix)

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