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Survival is a serious game that seeks to educate the player about the reality of thousands of people who are facing the tragedy of migration. It puts the player in the shoes of these people, to try to change the focus, the perspective with which this problem is analyzed in our social contexts.

Survival is the video game experience of thousands of people fleeing war, hunger, and very difficult living conditions, who embark on a dangerous journey to find a better life. Migrants experience the same feelings when they leave their places of origin, when they play their lives crossing the Mediterranean, when they flee on the beaches to try not to be located, when they try to find people who help them to reach their objectives, and when they collide with the legislation and the society to attempt social inclusion. It achieves the goal of overcoming these fears, prejudices, and social barriers by killing the final monster.

In Survival, you will pass through different worlds, depending on each stage of the migratory journey. Each of these worlds corresponds to a different game mechanics, so the player can find games of conversation, balance, runners, platforms.

It was developed in Algeciras entirely by young Spaniards, along with young migrants and refugees, with the support of the Alliance of Civilizations of the United Nations and Omnium Lab Studios, which counts in first person the odyssey of social inclusion, going through all stages of the Migration trip.

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Milosz Waskiewicz