Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky

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Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky takes advantage of an elegant interface to present the type of lore often passed from parents to children. A voice, speaking Arabic, is paired with text in English, asking readers if they would like to hear a series of stories. Clicking blue stars in the night sky gives access to sparse stories. The reader is able to access these stories by clicking on certain stars in the night sky that appear to be brighter than the rest. These stories, which read more like poems, have to do with personal experiences with Ezzat's life and most have an open ending suggesting that it is up to the subject of the poem to decide how it will end. The use of the night sky works to make a connection with the audience in that just as we share the stars we look up at every night, Ezzat wishes to share his stories and experiences.  

(Description from Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 1)

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Meri Alexandra Raita