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Speeches and Poemas (Félix Remírez, 2006) is a digital bilingual poetry digital book divided into five parts. In the first one, Versos en la arena –Verses in the Sand- the multimedia digital possibilities are used to combine a series of sonnets and poems with the sound and vision of waves dying in the and. In the second, Raining Thoughts, the reader has to interact with a storm to extract its clouds-phrases and thoughts, all between the ambient sound of a storm. The third part, From my lips, is a review of a digital automatic writing that creates grammatically correct texts which do not make real sense. The fourth part, Image and Works, combines images in motion with verses inspired from each of the images. In English and Spanish the reader interacts with the images trying to choose the one that can be more interesting. In the end, La luz de la palabra –The Light of the Word-obliges the reader to find each poem little by little, as if he/she were reading with a candle. The work uses Javascript resources and there is music in each part of it.

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