Show's Over: A Creditable Fiction

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"Show's Over" is a creditable fiction by Stuart Moulthrop. The work consist of a credit roll for fake films, generated as they go, composed on the fly by a series of programs. The shows are all over, so you can just hang out and watch the words. Watch while you want. Get up and go when you're ready. There is bonus content in the shape of a story in eighteen parts. The story can be accessed by clicking anywhere in the active window while the credits are rolling. While doing this a subtle message will appear in the background, saying something like request story/narrative/disrupt. The messages will differ from time to time but their meaning is always the same. You'll have your story segment as soon as the current credit sequence completes.

When story bit rolls up, the words will pause at the top of the screen. You have two  minutes to read in peace. If you don't need that much time, click in the active window and things will move along. You cannot go directly to the next bit to the story as this is disruptive technology. You have to sit through at least one imaginary credit roll before the story resumes. There are several ways the show can end, depending on what you choose to see. And the end is not the end, of course: swallow-taled, the story will happily recycle after you reach full count. Some shows go on forever.

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A picture of the landing site for the creditable fiction "Show's Over"
A screenshot of the work "Show's Over", displaying parts of the credit roll
is placed in the background, as a result of clicking in the active window to access bonus content
A screenshot of the work "Show's Over", displaying part 1 of the available bonus content
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