Separation / Séparation

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Author description: This text was written during a stay in the hospital in 2001. Computer workers often neglect their bodies and by doing so they risk the development of a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The visitors of Separation / Séparation are compelled to click slowly (as someone recovering from RSI) in order to see how words appear, one by one. Every now and then an exercise for an RSI patient is proposed and all interaction with the computer is postponed. The text seems to be about a separation between human beings, but the last two phrases reveal that it is about a separation between a human being and a computer. The exercises in this piece are based on the exercises in WorkPace, a software tool that assists in the recovery and prevention of RSI. (Author's abstract.)

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lonely soul,/ not knowing how to differentiate between you and me,/ you don't feel my pain/ Your body became mine/ you are interesting/ involving/ absorbing/ demanding

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Digital Storytelling (DTC 354) Dene Grigar Syllabus 2011

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