Schreiben auf Wasser

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The word water can depict any information, and through this it may even in a general sense adopt the "meaning" of the information connected to the word, although this meaning can only be described in a matter of "all or nothing". In these semantics, the screen creates a surface that is the carrier of content which dissapears when the next is displayed. Whether a blinking wave or a ball, a symbol or the Donau: the surface is always moving, creating a continual rythm of presence and mystery that appears and disappears. It is in the end a mirror of conciousness for those who look at it. Like the screens where the networks merge, the water creates mirror areas. 


Translated by Kine-Lise Madsen Skjeldal.

“Schreiben Auf Wasser.” Schreiben auf Wasser – Netzliteratur, May 3, 2016.


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