Scholars Contemplate the Irish Beer

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This generative poem transports its readers to Ireland, and all the water, sunshine, green fields, agriculture, and magic that goes into brewing its world-famous beers. This work is populated by poets, scholars, musicians, the pooka— a mischievous, dark, shape-shifting fairy creature— fields, blue lakes, valleys, forests, and other shapes taken by the land. All the people, faerie, and personified landscapes consider, contemplate, and dream of how they all are a part of the real and mystical brew that flows from St. James Gate.

A peek into the source code reveals a key question by Malloy: “How would a poet drinking Guinness rewrite this work?” The work referred to is Nick Montfort’s “Taroko Gorge” which also produces an endless meditation of the components of a Chinese river gorge of the same name.

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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