The Reverberatory Narrative: Toward Story as a Multisensory Network

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The Reverberatory Narrative: Toward Story as a Multisensory Network is an evolving, transmedia series that employs print, film, installation and digital practices in the assembling and disassembling of lyric essays, poetry, graphic design, photography and physical artifacts in an experimental documentary of memory, time and story. The initial form of this documentary work was an installation at the photography gallery Agnes in Birmingham, Alabama in 1993, titled "Undressing Audrey," in which the viewer physically "undressed" the book, slipping text from a woman's garments, one button and layer at a time. Through subsequent, increasingly digital interpretations, Pretty relied on a layered structure that attempted to approximate the original installation experience through a series of overlapping narrative threads that could be sorted and resorted by different contexts and media types, such as time, place, character, artifact, image, audio, and video, among others. Its current experiment extends the work to augmented reality in an effort to return Pretty to its origin as installation — as a multi-sensory experiment in physical space with a digital layer — the final leg of a journey began in 1989.

(Source: ELO Conference site)

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Collage of four images, a faces and bodies with text overlaid
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Magnus Lindstrøm