The Renewable Sonnets of William Shakespeare (Volumes 1 & 2)

Description (in English): 

The larger project is my first foray into digital poetry that uses a relatively large data set, in this case, the complete sonnets of William Shakespeare.

In Volume 1, the user has the ability to stir lines from Shakespeare’s original 154 sonnets into their “own” creation and to render a screenshot of any particular stirring by pressing the “collect the ephemera” button. The user also has the option to “defeat the ephemera” and return the text to one of Shakespeare’s originals.

In Volume 2, the user does not have the ability to stir Shakespeare’s texts into their “own” creation as the texts are generative or “self-stirring.”  Instead, the user has the opportunity to “read the ephemera” by pressing the “Thou shouldst print more, not let that copy die” button rendering a screenshot of any particular stirring. “Thou shouldst print more…” is the last line of Sonnet XI.


Technical notes: 

Volume 1 is inspired by and developed from files originally created by Jim Andrews. See for more info.

Volume 2 is further inspired by the work of Nick Montfort, particularly

Critical writing that references this work:

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Lucila Mayol Pohl