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In 1993 the first Italian hypertext novel, Ra-Dio, was published on floppy-disk along with a print edition. Lorenzo Miglioli aimed to break traditional schemes of Italian literature exactly as Sex Pistols’ punk renovated musical panoramas in the 70's. Thus, this work has not been corrected on its orthography aspects and it has some obscene and disturbing content, that had their ultimate success in the group of Italian writers named “Cannibali”, founded later on. “RA-DIO, 1993, was thought as a readymade […] Ra-Dio has to be kept closed, in its cellophane, that one is the exhibited work. Literary, construction of fiction and theory-fiction, parallel worlds and often alternative words [...] doesn't try to express the unexpressible. In case, to unexpress the expressible.” The Great Hypertext Swindle, «Neural», 1994
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Giovanna Di Rosario