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"Psyco" by Felix Rémirez is about the conversation between a psychiatrist and a patient who suffers from schizophrenia. In this hypermedia the hypertext appears automatically without the reader's intervention in the reading process, the images and hypertext change rapidly and in some sequences the reader does not have enough time to read the whole story. The only option the reader can choose is clicking on underline sentences which give the reader descriptions of medical terms and information about a woman the patient was in love with. The patient explains that he is scared of some people who are at the back of the psychiatrist, the latter tries to distract him asking him to talk about the period in which he studied music. There is an open ending and the reader does not know if the patient attacks the nurse, the psychiatrist or himself at the end. This hypermedia has been programmed with Flash CS5 and the narrative is told in different shots: two shots show the characters' conversation, other shots show what they think at the same time and there is another shot in which images move to create a mysterious and frightening atmosphere accompanied with Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta by Béla Bartók (Maya Zalbidea 2014)

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Psyco in stenciled font
A screaming face and pills
Text and a serene stream
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