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A poem generator that was distributed on Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN) starting in late 1989 and for at least a couple of years following this. PoemStar promised to do the following:

- Make your very own files of verses, ideas, metaphors, associations, and seeds of innvovation.
- Share your meme files within the ACEN and other Computer Integrated Art (CIA) networks.

According to Kytöhonka's writings, during the first two months in late 1989 some 300 subscribers registered and started to use PoemStar. However, there are no known copies of the work as of May 2015. If you have any further information about this work, please contact Petri Kuljuntausta , a sound artist and sound historian who (as of May 2015) is working on a documentary film about early Finnish computer art.

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Jill Walker Rettberg