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November 2008, mid-GFC. Kim Powe, Australia’s once wealthiest citizen, is depressed and obsessed with the $3.9 billion he lost in overseas investment. He writes ‘business plans’ for his personal life. March 2014. Paige Bligh, a runaway from Karratha, recounts her experiences for Right Now! Weekly’s follow-up feature article: Confessions of an Australian Sex WorkerPaige & Powe is a digital epistolary novel that depicts Australia’s wealthiest citizen losing considerable money, and Australia’s poorest citizen coming into considerable money. As their two lives eventually intersect, it explores controversial social issues, specifically the impact of recent Western Australian casino and prostitution legislation.

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Interface made for PC. Mobile viewing is not recommended.

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David Thomas Henry Wright - Author

Karen Lowry - Digital Interface

Julia Lane - Illustrator

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David Wright