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N_o_o_n Q_u_i_l_t is an assemblage of patches submitted by writers from around the world. Together they form a fabric of noon-time impressions. The quilts were stitched over a period of approximately five months during 1998-1999. Each contributing writer was asked to look out their window and describe what they saw. (Source: Noon Quilt site)

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Noon Quilt has been designed for Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4 and Internet Explorer 4 with javascript enabled. The quilt is best viewed on a 800x600 screen with 32 bit color without the browser toolbar. When you move the mouse over a patch the writer's name will appear in the status bar. Select the patch and a smaller window will open with that writer's noon-time writing. From this window you can navigate the site via the stitches. Once again, pass the mouse over a stitch and the path name will appear in the status bar. It is important to refresh/reload the noon quilt page to see the most current patches. (Source: Noon Quilt site)

Contributors note: 

Noon Quilt was designed,'stitched' and maintained by Teri Hoskin from an idea by Sue Thomas. Ali Graham wrote the perl scripts needed to frequently update the quilt.

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Scott Rettberg