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MUPS (MashUPs) is an online sonic mashup engine
built in 2012 in Flash (sorry iOS users) by Jhave
for the sheer pleasure of simultaneity.

MUPS has been seeded with the following content:

PennSound MUPS
1260 audio poems
from the PennSound archives.

These audio files are used with permission.
I gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Charles Bernstein
and the encouragement of Christopher Funkhouser.

How does it work: MUPS can play multiple audio files (up to 32 streams) simultaneously. It can also WEAVE those files: by playing short segments of each voice until it encounters silence, then playing the next voice. MUPS offers users control over how the WEAVE occurs.

Issues: after extended use, MUPS can get confused.
Refresh your browser. Enjoy.

Caveat: in spite of the playful tone of this intro, MUPS is intended as a digital augmentation in the study of prosody. As computational analysis advances it is feasible to foresee cultural heritage archives such as PennSound operating as sites where digital tools permit innovative explorations into the evolution of poetics. In MUPS, remote users can on one webpage, hear 1260 poems speak to each other and with each other. This is both fun and informative.

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