Mummypoem (Sympathies Of War - A Postscript)

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Extending the investigation of the form, the work explores the act of writing, literally. The frame, as in Sympathies of War, is frozen, "mummyfied": it is the close-up the VTR, the lens focused on the moving needle of the audio level meter, as the video of Sympathies of War is playing. The sound is the sound from the video. A 3"x5" tear-off writing pad is underneath the meter. Lines are written on the pad, torn off, new lines are written; it is a performance in real time. Words are written, parts crossed out to form new words, new contexts.

The poetry here is the revelation of the live writing juxtaposed with the "mummyfied" version of the original poem, a video playing on a machine.

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Dan Kvilhaug