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mooon (2015) is the fourth video made by Norwegian poet and artist Ottar Ormstad since 2009. Here again viewers encounter letter-carpets and a yellow y Ormstad identifies with and which he is known for. Different from the other videos, letter-carpets are not projected on still images, but for the first time on live video footage Ormstad shot on his Samsung S4 during travels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Vilnius and Berlin in 2014. The video may be seen as a research for documenting water on the mooon. Like in his video natyr (2011) he's using a strong sound in the very start for creating a period of silence in the beginning of the work. Other references to his earlier works can also be found: The 'eau-poem' in the first part is closely related to his web-poem svevedikt (2006), and his first video LYMS (2009). Ormstad also continues his multi-lingual project using words from different languages intentionally without translation. It invites viewers for an individual experience of the video and visual poetry that is based upon the viewer's language background.

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Video HD 16:9 duration: 04:36

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Animation: Ina Pillat Sound: Hallvard W Hagen & Jens P Nilsen Concrete poetry, camera and production by director Ottar Ormstad

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Vertical lines fading into the letters e a u n
A bridge with a truss, overlaid with yellow and black letters
Hot springs
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Ottar Ormstad