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In Metablast, Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries uses their well-established text-display methods to "perform" the entire text of the a discussion of an earlier work, 0perati0n Nuk0rea (2003), from the community blog Metafilter. A link to 0perati0n Nuk0rea had been posted to the front page of Metafilter on April 18, 2003, and the many comments that followed make up the text of Metablast.

In 2004, Metablast itself would also be discussed on Metafilter.

The work was published on Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries' webpage in 2004 according to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, and converted to video form somewhere between 2018-2021.

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Title screen of the work METABLAST in black text, split across two lines.
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Meri Alexandra Raita