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"Meanwhile" begins as our young hero in dire need of a bathroom, knocks on the door of a mysterious recluse. His mansion is in fact a wonderous laboratory filled with amazing inventions: A mind reading helmet, a doomsday device and a time travel machine (although it can only go back ten minutes). Which invention will young Jimmy play with? YOU, the reader get to decide in my branchiest and most complex interactive comic to date. "Meanwhile" works via a network of tubes connecting each panel to the next. Sometimes these tubes split in two giving the readers a choice of which path they would like to follow. Sometimes these tubes even lead off the page and onto tabs sticking out from other parts of the book. Inspired by Scott Mccloud I exploded "Meanwhile" onto a 5'x5' matrix in 2004. I'm currently working on a way to bring it to the web somehow. (Source: author website) Originally published as a book. This entry refers to the 2012 iPad adaptation, which was done by Andrew Plotkin.

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Jill Walker Rettberg