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Magpiiie is a work of digital poetry that explores the pursuit of 'success' and other materialistic things.

Written and developed by Andy Campbell and Judi Alston, the piece uses photo-scanned twigs and branches fused with repeating lines of poetry and spoken word audio to create a tightly-woven 'nest' that can be explored using the mouse and your mouse’s scroll wheel. Uncover the shiny objects wedged into the surface of the nest to release the poem.

The piece also works on high-end mobile devices (phones, tablets) and Windows touch-enabled laptops/monitors.  

Screen shots: 
A spherical 'nest' in the centre of the screen, surrounded by a deep blue background.
Three small, blue-white eggs lie in the top of the nest, surrounded by interwoven twigs.
A detail shot of the side of the next, with the text faintly visible over the interwoven texture.
A macro shot of the nest, with the text now rendered clearly against it in white.
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Andy Campbell