The Living Room

Creative Work
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interactive immersive installation with responsive spoken word and textual elements

"Gallery based distributed interactive digital video projection environment
Multiple rooms, each approximately 12 x 10 x 6 metres
4 large scale projections, black and white and colour, multi-channel interactive sound

Produced by The Film and Video Umbrella and CameraWork, London, UK 1994.
Exhibited at Truman's Brewery, Whitechapel, London UK 1994.
Funded by the Arts Council of England and assisted by Grand Metropolitan.

The Living Room utilises remote visual sensing systems and large scale video projection so as to immerse the viewer in a series of interactive spaces. The work is distributed through four seperate spaces. Each space contains a part of the human body, often in multiple, and each object is independently interactive with the viewers. The viewers may navigate the work by walking from room to room. The body is seen to be distributed over an architectural structure. The work was developed and exhibited as part of The Living Room project, an open studio/laboratory/exhibition space during 1994 in Whitechapel, London. " --

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4 Screenshots of The Living Room, Simon Biggs (1994)
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Simon Biggs