les huit quartiers du sommeil

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Les huit quartiers du sommeil was written in January-February 2007 during a six-week residency at Yaddo, where I didn't sleep at all. Thanks everyone at the Yaddo dinner table, for listening to thunks and rattlings of this text coming to life. And thanks CALQ, for helping me get to Yaddo. The web-iteration of Les huit quartiers du sommeil was created in Montreal in July-August 2007. Thanks Sandra Dametto for the brilliant Google Maps idea. Thanks in advance Google Maps, for having a sense of humour - all the satellite photos are totally copyright you. Thanks Google Images for finding all the other images and thanks photoshop filters for making them look like something I would do. The tapestry obscuring the left side of the main map is lifted from Vermeer's The Art of Painting. Les huit quartiers du sommeil was published in print in French translation in Le Livre de chevet, an anthology edited by Daniel Canty, published by Le Quartanier, Montreal, QC, Fall 2009. Thanks most of all to Daniel Canty for sending me stumbling into the theme of sleep in the first place.

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I moved to Montreal on the night train. I've lived in eight neighbourhoods since. Each has had a different quality of sleep. These are les huit quartiers du sommeil. J.R.Carpenter, 2007.

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