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"Leaning Haiku" took form as an Augmented Reality Face Filter to respond to the question proposed furing the dra.ft Co(de)-Po(etry)-Jam, 2020:

"How to bridge the digital layer to the physical reality via means of text as a bridge?"

The medium of instagram filters was chosen as a platform to answer this question. Mixing my interest in digital generative artwork with that of Japanese Haiku, the concept of 'Leaning Haiku' took its form.

The infamous "indian head nod" became the trigger to generate 'Haikus'. The poetry of this amusing head nod overlaid with the literal Japanese poetry gave it a depth into both physicality of human motion and mystery of random haikus. The haiku was structured as a random selection of 'Observation , Evocation & Truth'. With an added easter egg where more left nods gave a sad emotion to haiku in contrast with joyful outcomes of right nods.

As people started using it , an interesting layer of engagement emerged from it. They were using the AR filter over images, dancers, movie clips and at times layering an already generated haiku with another layer. This gave the poetic nature of work a participative engagement as observed with the public art exhibits. The emotional acknowledgement to the poem was found to be cryptic, whimsical and at times funnily bizzare to people's own lives.


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Samya Roy