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Cartographies are alway imprecise. An important aspect of 2346, created by LAT-23, is discussing the impossibility  of  showing  everything  about  a  place  in  its map.  The  act  of  cartography  implies  in choosing  perspectives  about  spaces  (on  the  optimistic  scenario  of  shared  and  collective maps)  or inscribe marks  on  territories  (on  the  pessimistic  scenario  of  classic militaristic  approaches).  Even overlaying ways of seeing the street, 2346 only shows Augusta in fragments of an incomplete mosaic. Histories that interweave describing particular or generic days and nights, useless or surprising facts and  data,  visceral  or  unnecessary  things  and  thinkings.  By  fictionalizing  testimonies  and  selecting statistics  in  arbitrary ways,  2346  tells  as much  of  its  savvy  narratives  and  spicy  stories  as  of  the impossibility of showing a place in its specificities. What is the relation between how high is the rent of a building and the altitude in certain parts of Augusta street? How many liters of alcohol are sold in a bar on the corner? How many condoms are used on a full-house night in a ship hotel on the area? How many cigarettes were sold on a newstand? How much is a taxi from on end of the street to the other? 2346 present this and other data, in QR-Codes available in bars at Augusta, and also compiled on a printed / online map, available for the audience to share its own experiences. 2346 completes a trilogy of maps about São Paulo in which LAT-23 aims to deconstruct traditional cartography.

(Source: Description from the Electronic Literature Exhibition catalogue)

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Meri Alexandra Raita