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This video poem is about how serious the undertones of a playful crush on celebrities can be. Each stanza that scrolls up the screen delivers a layer, perspective, or progression of the situation, starting with a Sunday afternoon routine for the couple whose desires shape the poem. A key strategy in the poem is to examine the focus of desire, within the couple, towards the radio celebrities, particularly their bodies, voices, and the idealized American Life they represent. Another is to deploy radio metaphors to reflect upon relationships, using images of tuning to stations, focusing on host and guest, and providing images of wavelengths, which suggest that while they are both tuned to the same station, they may be on different wavelengths. Or perhaps they are on the same frequency, that of ordinary life with routines and ruts, while desiring to be on another, represented by the radio stars they are attracted to. The implications for this relationship can be intuited by examining the language used to indicate proximity and distance— between each other, between them and their respective celebrities, and between their life and the one they dream of.

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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