Icarus Needs

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Daniel Merlin Goodbrey’s Icarus Needs is part of a series of works in which Goodbrey draws on the dual aesthetics of comics and classic video games. Built in Flash, the piece is strongly visual and provides a world of panels to explore. The player moves Icarus through the panels using standard keyboard controls, encountering dream-like objects (such as an oversized telephone) and hitting many dead ends and simple item-based puzzles that block progression out of the dream. The game as dream metaphor is explored fully (as one fragment of text warns, “Don’t fall asleep playing video games”) and creates a compelling world of flat 2D visuals in different monochromatic palettes. Icarus Needs is a hypercomic adventure game staring everyone's favourite mentally unhinged cartoonist, Icarus Creeps. (Source: ELC 3)

The goal of the game is to find his girlfriend, save her and escape the game. He need's to complete different tasks to do so. The tasks are puzzles that Icarus needs to solve, and when a mission is given is either by Icarus himself or another character. He communicates trough talking bubbles. 

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