I know that somewhere this is a homage some where

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"I know that somewhere here this is a homage some where" is a mixed media appropriation designed to be streamed via a web browser. It combines the opening seqeunce of Welles' "Citizen Kane" with text from Nelson's "Literary Machines". This intertwingling reverberates in all sorts of ways, simply in their being drawn together. Kane's mansion (never finished) was Xanadu, and of course Coleridge's poem "Kubla Khan" was the result of a vision that was never able to be realised. Yet from within these impossible visions (which is probably also a rather apt way of considering Welles' life as a film maker) great works have been produced. There are other, more complex layers - for instance Citizen Kane's narrtive structure as memory palace, the film's appropriation of other discourses (newsreel, radio, literature), its play between the linear temporality of cinema and the nonlinearity of its flashback structure - but these are less explicit than the simple corollaries between Xanadu, Coleridge, Welles and Nelson.

(Source: Author's description from The New River 6)

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Scott Rettberg