I Dream of Canute (& The Sea is Rising)

Description (in English): 

I Dream of Canute (& The Sea is Rising) stretches our perception of time by creating a literary artwork that is formally linked to our planets rising sea levels. This self-destructive poem will play out over the next 100 years, a time period in which it is highly likely that we will experience at least one metre of sea level rise (see Some Notes on Sea Level Rise at: http://stevieronnie.com/idreamofcanute/aboutcanute.html ). As we enter each year, one line of the poem will disappear. Each line therefore represents one centimetre of sea level rise. The poem has been composed in such a way that it can still hang together as a literary artefact, albeit a permanently shifting one, as it shrinks over time.

Technical notes: 

The implementation technologies (plain text, HTML, PHP) were chosen to maximise the work's chances of persisting over its 100-year lifespan.

Contributors note: 

This is an author coded work.

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Stevie Ronnie