I Cried Of Course

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This multimedia version of William Minor’s poem takes the musical version and adds a layer of photographic documentation that brings out the personal and particular in the poem. The sad tone of the poem’s text is underscored by the piano and vocal performances, and the images help us visualize the details of what is behind this emotional energy. Here we see a man and a woman in black and white photographs, young, together, and happy to be there. Other images of the woman alone gazing out of the photograph’s frame, in one case wearing a wedding dress, suggest that the memory of the deceased young man is still alive within her. Images of manuscript versions of the poem, including drafts and handwritten musical scores show the work in progress, evolving from one version to the next. All of these objects— manuscripts, scores, photographs, audio recordings, and e-poem— seek to capture that which can only be experienced or imagined.

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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