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Hurst is a cinematic network fiction, told through the Twitter account of virtual character Karen Barley. The work was performed as a 3 week live event that began in June 2011. Synopsis: Karen Barley is convinced by her sinister Boss to take on an outdoors project in an ancient Bronze Age woods. Her boyfriend Darren is excited about a mysterious legend of the Hurst and cant wait to find a hidden path he's heard of. On first appearance the Hurst seems mundane, with traffic and people close by. But gradually they begin to experience strange sounds and druid like signs. And when Darren discovers the path he opens a portal that lets in his Other. Convinced that her boyfriend is trying to frighten her, Karen slowly spirals into a deadly paranoia that result in tragic consequences. And all the while her madness is played out for all to see as she uses Twitter to tell everyone whats happening.

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Scott Rettberg