Grande Enquête

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This webpage has been realised for the festival e-poetry 2007 in collaboration with Delphine Riss. During the festival, the participants were invited to vote at the following question:

Selon vous, les travaux présentés lors du festival e-poetry 2007 (performances, installations, oeuvres) sont ils des oeuvres de poésie numérique?

According to you, are the works presented at the e-poetry 2007 festival (performances, installations, piece of works) digital art works of poetry?

Participants were also invited to add precisions in creating their own buttons where their comments were written on them. Other users could then add weights to these buttons by clicking on them.

The goal of this project was to materialise the difficulty of defining what is digital art poetry and how it is received. While presenting the problem of the definition, the task was too not be closed up in only one: The different requests, potentially infinite, allowed to visualise a state of the reception of the digital poetry, skewed by our intervention.


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Marthin Frugaard