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Golem is a computer-generated casebound book consisting of 109 pages of text in eight sections. Each section has sentences of a distinct syntax. These express the undertakings, interactions, perceptions, and thoughts of a few people. The seventh section has two long Perl programs which differ from one another, the first described as being understood by one of the people, the second described as being written by another.

The book includes a postword by Zach Whalen.

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Justice remembered existence. The philosopher contemplated that they (whom they (whom they (whom the censor contemplated) (whom Justice (whom the philosopher (whom Tim (whom Remy recalled) grasped) wrote) (whom Charlie recalled) (whom the censor (whom Cyn wrote) (whom Tim contemplated) felt) (whom the philosopher (whom Justice (whom Tim recalled) (whom the exhibitor understood) sensed) imagined) took in) sensed) wrote) remembered something or Charlie (whom Remy felt) (whom Justice imagined) understood that the mentor grasped that when they understood something it was false that the mentor (whom the censor wrote) understood that when Charlie wrote the possible idea that she contemplated her it was absurd that the philosopher (whom they grasped) remembered a lot, so select individuals imagined the other.

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An open casebound book, inside covers rimmed in blue, showing pp. 62-63.
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