GliaPoetryTests-2 GPT-2 Poetry Tests (Spring, 2019)

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Poetry generated by training GTP-2 on a corpus of contemporary poetry. 14+ hours of video of real-time poetry generation is provided, along with the complete output of over 1700 pages of AI poetry in downloadable text files.

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In short, balanced and benign, this tidy set convinces without comprising
its confirmation that machines in the next few years will emulate modulations
in idioms, inflections, cadences and symbolic reservoirs.

The art and nature of writing will shift as its conception
get recast in a delirious outpouring of empowered augmentation.

Enter the mall of pre-made style morphs.

Technical notes: 

The medium size 345M model of GPT-2 was trained on the custom corpus developed for ReRites then output at diverse temperatures for long periods of time.


GPT-2 Poetry Test #1: Screencast 2019-05-06 11:49:11 [SILENT]

GPT-2 Poetry Test #2 : Screencast 2019-05-07 10:40:48 [SILENT]

GPT-2 Vertical HD 3 hours Poetry Generation

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David Jhave Johnston