Girls' Day Out

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This is a work in Flash format. It contains three separate but related sections: the title prose poem, "Girls' Day Out"; the author's note on the poem; and "Shards," a poem composed from phrases found in articles in the Houston Chronicle that covered the events that inspired the poem.
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After opening the piece, there are three different links you can click on to read all parts of Kerry's work. The top link, located on the right side of the page is labeled as "poem." The next link is in the middle of the page on the left side and is labeled "author's note." The final link is centered on the bottom of the page and is labeled as "Shards."

"Girl's Day Out" is a poem which describes a day in the life of two sisters. They are venturing through Texan pastures on horseback. A storm begins to brew, so the sisters head for home. As one horse begins to become anxious, he frantically jumps around and causes injury to one of the sisters. The author's note describes the events which took place and inspired the "Girl's Day Out" poem. Two sisters who frequently visited a stable in Texas discover headlines in the Houston Chronicle. Several female body remains were found throughout the pastures. Most of the victims were identified, but the murderer was never found. The last section of this piece, "Shards" is a poem consisting of phrases from the headlines in the Houston Chronicle that covered the homicide case.
This piece is composed of two poems and one personal narrative by Kerry Lawrynovicz. The theme is very spooky and could almost be considered a murder mystery.

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