Fragments of the Dionysian Body

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From the Eastgate Systems, Inc. advertisement:

"Fragments of the Dionysian Body conveys Nietzsche's system of implicitly defined concepts--complex images and metaphors, each depending on many other concepts--through hypertext's multiple references and links. Steinhart shows how hypertext is ideally suited to explicating Nietzsche's style of philosophical writing. Nietzsche's aphorisms, metaphors and parables often leave his thought less than clear. Steinhart's clever hypertext and obvious enthusiasm present this great thinker's work with clarity and energy. At the core of his exposition of Nietzsche's The Gay Science, Steinhart reexamines Nietzschean concepts as dynamical mathematical models. As his hypertext presents and expands the traditional interpretations, Steinhart shows that a coherent view of Nietzsche's writings can include Truth, Life, and God viewed as attractor basins, and the chaotic Ocean (on which we embark in the Ship of Self) as the state space of the Will to Power. The result is a surprising and sprightly demonstration of how engaging and inviting Nietzsche can be."

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Requires MacOS 7-9 and HyperCard Player.

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Alexander Duryee