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Field of Cures is a vibrant, thoughtful game that raises awareness of ethical issues in science, while also raising funds for science advocacy. It is designed as a casual puzzle game where you develop medicines by cross-breeding flowers and directing clinical-trial research. At the micro-level of gameplay, the player will learn how to manipulate a simple model of genetic inheritance to breed-specific species of medicinal plants. At the macro level, the player will have to choose between ethical and unethical research practices in conducting clinical trials to get new drugs to market. On a macro level, the player will face trade-offs between increasing profits, fostering public health, and protecting the natural biodiversity. Two NPC will give you two different progress advice. The NPC business advisor will urge the player to take such shortcuts in the name of expediency, while an NPC science advisor advocates instead for research integrity.

The player will discover different points of view in different scenarios that may develop empathy towards the game characters, and allowed the player to see the different outcomes of their choices and the consequences of those decisions affecting the game world, which fosters ethical thinking.

The game is pretty useful for both an educational purposed game and a persuasive game.


*Field of Cures is currently in an early stage of development, with the initial stages of the game available to play as a demo on a PC using a mouse.

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in-game screen
in-game market screen
Clinical trail process screen

Field of Cures Version 0.3 Demo Video

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