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F8MW9 is a collaboration between Jim Andrews and margareta waterman. F8MW9 seeks randomly to play short parts of a sound file of vocalizing by waterman. the part of the sound file played is indicated visually. as the sound plays, a visual interpretation (drawn by waterman) of the vocalizing is revealed. In fact waterman is vocalizing her interpretation of the revealed visuals, ie, the vocals and the visuals coincide. Controls at the bottom of the piece allow the user to: a) Set the maximum duration (in milliseconds) of played audio snippets b) Press an infinity button to hear the whole audio file uninterupted (click the writing at top to exit this mode) c) Click a button to change the writing/glyphs that are rendered d) Clear the screen e) Set audio volume f) Go to a related waterman/andrews collaboration. The reader can also click the graphic or waveform to play the sound at that point. Includes an interview by Andrews of waterman about the sound and glyph visuals.

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The Adobe Director piece requires the free Shockwave plugin from get.adobe.com/shockwave.

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Jim Andrews