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Egoscope was a teleintervention that happened in August, 2002 and allowed anyone to send, through egoscope web site, other sites to two commercial electronic billboards located in a movimented avenue of São Paulo (Faria Lima), used for veiculation of advertisings of many companies. By that time, the audience was invited to participate in an action that purposed to map a fluid character named egoscope, submitting URLs that were displayed in the panels (from 10h30 to 3h00 (GET), in intervals of 3' between other ads) and also on line by the panel webcam. Combining Internet and Intranet resources, egoscope configured a successful experience of open public streaming that received more than 2200 contributions, generating an interesting database of the multiple identities of our disembodied character. egoscope discussed not only new subjectivities formats, but also networked practices of authorship and reception intercepted by entropy and acceleration processes. (Source: author website)

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Jill Walker Rettberg