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This website invites its readers to take the identity of David Still, a possibly fictional character whose life is presented on the website. The reader is addressed as though he or she is David Still: "You live in a neighbourhood called The Reality (De Realiteit). No, really, you do! It may seem unusual, but all of the following is true, and you love it!" In addition to photos from David Still's childhood, readers can explore stories of his childhood memories presented as simply hypertext narratives, with just a few links. 

The project doesn't simply ask readers to imagine being David Still, it invites us to send out emails using his email account, either using one of the provided scripts, or writing one from scratch. The website also allows readers to browse emails confused recipients of these emails have sent in reply to "David Still".

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You have the opportunity to be David Still. Would you like to know more about who you could be?

I want to feel there's no distance between us -- I want you to climb inside my head, I want you to see me. Feel me. Be me.

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Jill Walker Rettberg