Dante's Academia

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"On your perilous quest to climb the Ivory Tower of Academia, beware! Will you fall prey to the seductive allure of hedonistic nihilism? Become scorched by the fiery pits of burnout? Be singled out as an impostor?" (Author's statement).

Dante's Academia is a web, puzzle, narrative, choose-your-own-adventure game, made by Julia Sebastien. The story follows the protagonist who is trying to reach the Ivory Tower in hopes of making their parents proud. The overall game is filled with metaphors. The ivory tower, as an example, is a metaphorical place where people are "happily" cut of from the rest of humanity. Meanwhile, Dante here is a refference to Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet, writer and philosopher, who is known for his depictions of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.

To put it simply, game's protagonist is trying to reach the top o the academia (heaven = the ivory tower). To achieve that, the character has to go through hell, which in this case is a dark forest, a shady club (filled with temptations), a burning maze and a military training ground.



Screen shots: 
Screenshot of Dante's Academia. Blue and black trees with a tower.
Screenshot of Dante's Academia. Red and black maze with ghost figures.
a scene from the game "Dante's Academia"
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