Cushioned Fakescripts

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Code snippets from several programming languages, appropriated and adapted for the inclusion of poetry.

A programmed – but inoperable – poetry sleeps in the public space of a city: printed on cushions placed on the benches of a gallery, it awaits for the uneasy discovery of the visitor. A poetic operation, programmed to be seen only, inscribes, in a digital technology of inverted materiality (a code stuck on the wrong medium, i.e., a fakescript), the progressive erasure of love. A code thus falsified, integrating programming languages with syntactic coherence, semantic ambiguity, but pragmatic inefficiency, aims at inscribing poetry – or love, the experience of poetry --, in the liquid (open, watery, unstable) space of a city. Against (defamiliarizing) our digital condition: a poetic programming extracted from the mediaphere, printed in the ecosphere. In search of what is vague, a poetry-space-public signaling the dazzling digitality, our networked condition. A poetry programmed for a space (a gallery): a gesture in search of impossible recognition, the recognition of a certain human reality. Lost? p0es1s as esthesia restoring information as exchange, dialogue, touch, presence. A digital poetry in space - reconditioning the machine, transforming transparent appliances into illegible devices.

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Rui Torres