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_cross.ova.ing ][4rm.blog.2.log][_ is a "netwurk repository" that's been in operation since 2003. these "wurks" r inscribed using the infamous polysemic language system termed _mezangelle_. this language evolved/s from multifarious computer code>social_networked>imageboard>gamer>augmented reality flavoured language/x/changes. 2 _mezangelle_ means 2 take words>wordstrings>sentences + alter them in such a way as 2 /x/tend + /n/hance meaning beyond the predicted +/or /x/pected. _mezangelling_ @tempts 2 /x/pand traditional text parameters thru layered/alternative/code based meanings /m/bedded in2 meta-phonetic renderings of language. _cross.ova.ing ][4rm.blog.2.log][ /m/ploys a base standard of code>txt in order 2 evoke imaginative renderings rather than motion-based>flashy graphics.

(Author description from Electronic Literature Collection, volume 2)

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As a user, you will have an opportunity to use [ xash.hu(lk)ffing +(f)lick(er)ing.(co)gentle.tonguesx ] before the rest of the world, as well as shaping the [ x(t)railing.print(debauch)ed.f(l)ingersx ].

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Digital Storytelling (DTC 354) Dene Grigar Syllabus 2011
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