Composition No. 1

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Composition No. 1 is a re-imagining of the little known classic by French writer, Marc Saporta. Saporta writes about the interconnected stories of a group of Parisians, centred around the Sorbonne. Quite literally, Composition No. 1 is made up entirely of stand alone pages. Each has its own self-contained narrative, leaving it to you to shuffle through and decide which order to read the book, and how much or little you want to read before you begin again.

Key features:

> Randomly shuffled pages, allowing you to play and read however much or little you want.
> Randomized, interactive cover; slide letters around like fridge magnets.
> Explore a typographic artwork, using the book's entire text.

(Source: iTunes App store)

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iPad app.

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Introduction by Tom Uglow. Illustrations by Salvador Plascenci.

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