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In 1969, a brothel was established exclusively for the US military near the US Air Force Base in Kunsan, South Korea. About 500 residential units were built and “American Town” corporation was established with approval and support from the Korean government. The women recruited from all over the country were called “US military comfort women” by the authorities. American Town grew to be a small self-sustaining city that provided US soldiers with whatever convenience they desired: currency exchange, culinary pleasures, and sex. One thousand American soldiers visited every night.
Shot on the actual site, Comfortless is a 360-3D cinematic immersive experience of American Town during its heyday in the 1980s. The VR film starts in the present time, where the town is empty and silent. When the night falls, however, various sounds from the past begin to fill the space.
Viewers traverse this uncanny deserted town, guided by a ghost and the ambient sounds and voices from its past.
Comfortless offers an immersive experience of the daily routine of American Town, creating an essential archive of the past.

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Venice Immersive 2023 - Comfortless

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Martijn Holtkamp