Come Together Now

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Come Together Now uses recorded sound and technology as an invitation rather than a mediation of entertainment. The aim of this work is to bring people together with a pre-recorded sound composition, remove the recorded sounds as they sit down, leaving them with their own space to create a musical experience.

As a participant approaches the space they can hear a track being played that is composed of the instruments that they see in the installation. Pressure sensors placed between tree stump seats and cushions detect when a person has sat in front of an instrument. A computer program will then turn the volume down on the track being played, corresponding to the instrument that has been taken up by the participant, and a vocal track is proportionally turned up into the mix. As all seats are taken by the participants all pre-recorded sound of the instruments will have been replaced with the live performances and will now be accompanied by a pre-recorded vocal chant.


COFA Annual 2010

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Mona Pihlamäe