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 COG is a user-interactive experiment in the visual possibilities of a poem. Accordingly, COG contains textual and visual material that determines its field of expression. However, as a user is wont to bring their baggage to any reading of a poem, why not give in and leave certain dynamics of the composition in the reader's hands? The idea is that, as visual and lexical materials are never fixed -- most certainly not in the mind of a user -- hot spots here allow programmed aesthetic modulations of the composition. These provide slight alterations of the composition, offering alternative vantage points in the visual field that are subtle, not chaotic but cotangential. This is not an exercise about impenetrability; rather, COG offers a Zen garden of visual verbal shades that awaits the subtle strokes of the viewer's rake-cum-Rodentia.

(Source: 2002 State of the Arts gallery)

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Scott Rettberg