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The project is not a fictive game with still unexamined possibilities of genetics and it does not aim to popularize scientific discoveries. It is rather a sort of experimental observation of the development of consciousness and science. It raises a simple question: To what extent are we prepared to participate in all that we have made possible and that we yearn to make possible for ourselves? The project is based on an interactive game played on the Internet. Choosing among different genetically determined traits the players (participants in the project) create virtual embryos - their own virtual progeny. The created embryos are exhibited in an "embryo gallery". In the second phase of the project the society of virtual people created by Internet users is compared with the inhabitants of a "real" society. Monthly reports containing data analyses were issued during the first 6 months of the project. All Internet users willing to take part in the project are invited to join the mailing list, discuss the actual issues of genetic engineering and cloning, comment on the presented ideas, etc. [Taken from official website ]

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