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The Web site Circulars was founded on January 30, 2003, to provide a focal point for poets’ and artists’ activities and reflections on the impending inva- sion of Iraq along with the politics of the media and civil liberties issues. Its format is a multiauthor weblog, or “blog.”1 The HTML design was based on a generic Movabletype template with customized coding added for the com- ments and archives sections. Original elements of the design included an unambitious header graphic and a Flash insignia—a vertical cylinder of rotat- ing cogs that, when individually clicked, adopt different angles and sizes, courtesy of the freeware Flash site—which I superimposed over Guy Debord’s collage map of Parisian flows, “The Naked City,” in reverse black and white (figure 3.1). Circulars was housed as a subsite of my Web site, devoted to new media poetry and poetics, though as a distinct entity. (Indeed, for the first several weeks, did not even contain a link to Circulars.) (Description from first paragraph of Stefans' book chapter "Toward a Poetics for Circulars" (2006).

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Screenshot of Circulars, looking like an early 21st century blog.
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Jill Walker Rettberg