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Clickbait is a music project by Talan Memmott. The album CAPTION THIS is a collection of nine pop-punk tunes about various internet memes. A limited edition CD was made. The album is also available for streaming on Spotify and for download from iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music. Song list: Duckface Forever Alone Confused Travolta Disaster Girl She's Still Planking The Most Interesting Man in the World Scumbag Steve Hotdog Legs Bad Luck Brian All songs written performed and produced by Talan Memmott

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Lyrics for the song DUCKFACE: she’s got a new selfie stick gonna take lots a pictures, gonna make you sick just look at her instagram looks like her lips got stuck in a door jamb she thinks she’s lookin’ hot but her duck face is all she’s got pursed lips, raised brow do that again and you go to the hoosegow HOPE YOUR FACE GETS STUCK THAT WAY HOPE YOUR FACE GETS STUCK THAT WAY HOPE YOUR FACE GETS STUCK THAT WAY YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN ... DUCK FACE she’s doin’ everything she can to look like a kardashian plastic surgery costs too much put her lips in a shot glass and sucks lookin’ into her smartphone cam duck face, she’s her number one fan raised brow, pursed lips gotta get her facebook kicks

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Talan Memmott